Do you need to store and manage your data, catalogs of books, CDs or lists of customers – but find a spreadsheet too clumsy, an SQL database too complicated and that somehow special-purpose applications never do exactly what you want? We have given it some thought…

Tiny and handy database

Do you ever wish you could put another table within a table cell (for example, a list of orders attached to every individual customer in a customer database)? Or group a film catalog according to the year the movie was released? Or filter a list according to advanced criteria? Or attach data from one table to another? Add a computed column? And wouldn't you find it more convenient to write something like price*VAT instead of C7*$F$12? And store a view of your data created this way with one mouse click so that it would be at hand next time? And wouldn’t it be great if just to put everything together with a word processor, just to have a text template created for you or simply to be able to copy a table easily to a word processor?

With people in mind

When we were designing Sfairadora, we didn't try to make a program that will amaze you by doing millions of transactions per second. Instead our aim was to design one that allows you to do whatever you require more easily with a smaller amount of data. Start with a simple table and as your needs change and grow, Sfairadora will grow with you.

What may be simple for everyone can also save time for the more experienced. Perhaps you are an expert and might be curious as to how easily you can create a user interface when you consider it a program with its run extended in space rather than in time or how adeptly we have solved error handling in scripts. A design, which is based on elegant ideas, makes application easy for everyone to use while imposing no limits on experts.

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Key Features of Sfairadora

For Experts

The following features allow you to use Sfairadora for the quick development of simple applications: