Sfairadora is now in the phase of final beta-tests. Anyone can download the beta-version of Sfairadora free of charge and test it. The beta-version can be used for a one month period before it expires. Then, it is necessary to obtain a new version from this web page. Sfairadora will be published in this regime until the end of beta-tests. YOU ARE USING THE BETA-VERSION OF SFAIRADORA SOLELY ON YOUR OWN RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY. BY DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING IT, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF THE FACT THAT YOU ARE USING A PRODUCT UNDER DEVELOPMENT, WHICH MEANS IT CAN CONTAIN BUGS THAT CAN LEAD TO MALFUNCTION OF THE PRODUCT AND EVENTUALLY TO LOSS OF DATA.

If you encounter any problems with the beta-version or find any bug in it, please contact us by mail sfairadora.dev@diotima.eu

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