Copy and Move Examples

Sfairadora is very flexible when copying data. If the source data type does not match the target data type, Sfairadora performs conversion.
Here are some of the notable features:
♦ Copying parts of text or table to the Data document section – a new data item with the copied data is created.
♦ Copying entire tables within the same document or between documents.
♦ Copying a view or text output to the Data document section – a new data item with the instant state of the view or output is created.
♦ Copying table rows into a table with different column structure – values in columns of the same name are copied.
♦ Copying a table to a rich text editor (and also to editors of other applications) – a text representation of the table is created.
♦ Copying definitions of types – when copying a definition of type, Sfairadora also copies all the instance data of the type, if it is possible. (E.g. if the definition of a table column is copied, the newly created table column will contain a copy of the source column values.)
♦ Copying parts of presentation definition – similar controls can be created by copying.